Loving manish malhotra’s styles!

Travel Coffee Vogue loved Manish Malhotra’s classy shine bling and velvets.

1551543_764733940250492_8844746198584169301_n 10427298_764734113583808_4883555003175913839_n 10562933_764733963583823_9006101086422680370_n 10563097_764734016917151_4806675753893480328_n 10570516_764734033583816_5562963081706929313_n 10593212_764733903583829_5250079057242107968_n 10599707_764734080250478_7831179503641140032_n 10616193_764734000250486_7143963893781818511_n 10616695_764734096917143_336340359688005896_n 10624628_764733986917154_4905910194611041990_n 984187_764733860250500_5727213508058156940_n 1385928_764734056917147_5316048382174679871_n


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