Oye Kake! The real taste of Punjab!


Amritsar comes to Mumbai..!

With delicious exploding flavours of the Punjabi cuisine; Oye Kake, brings to you the ultimate Punjabi dining experience!

Located in the heart of downtown Mumbai at Fort and other outlet in central at Ghatkopar, Oye Kake offers an enormous variety of delectable vegetarian Punjabi dishes richly prepared in desi ghee and butter.


The restaurant’s interiors are decorated with hand painted pictures, colourful pots and artefacts that will transport you instantly to Punjab! And the God father picture custom made into God Kake is very adorable.


The rustic ambience of the restaurant combined with its tasty dhaba style food present a typical Punjabi feast.


The food menu is vast and tempting; with popular Punjabi food items prepared in spicy gravies, stuffed parathas and lassis.

Some of the most famous traditional delicacies include; Cheese Kulchas with Chole (Rs119), Paneer Peshawari with Garlic Naan (Rs 254) and we really loved their newly added dish Nutree (Rs 169) which is a  soya and paneer mixed in rich masala gravy.


image_4 image_2

For appetizers you can try their Cheese Paneer Papdi, Tandoori mushroom cheese melt and Khate meethe aloo chaat (Rs195 each).

image_1 image


Even if you are full, walking out of here without the dessert will be a big mistake. Their Gulab jamun (Rs65) and Matka Malai Kulfi (Rs65) will make you go wow.

image_7 image_9

They have many mini meals also for just Rs155. If you want to just snack up here then we recommend you their Masala Pav, this one is little different.

With the expertise of local chefs and with the use of an incredible mix of a variety of Indian spices, Oye Kake retains the authenticity of the Punjabi cuisine.


Abhir Dhawan and Hardeep Singh, food enthusiasts and owners of the restaurant say:

“At Oye Kake we ensure that we provide our customers with the best Amritsari food. All meals are prepared with ingredients and spices from Amritsar alone and the stuffed Kulchas, a must-try at the restaurant are prepared with the water sourced from Amritsar! We wish to offer our guests the most delicious food, with the best service, and with a reason to return for a sumptuous meal yet again!”

Travel Coffee Vogue really loved this place and we say if you want to try true vegetarian taste of Amritsar, Oye Kake is the best place to go looking for it.


Average meal for two people :Rs 600

Contact : 02230151552 (Ghatkopar) / 02222871882 (Fort)


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