Jai Shree Krishna

Say Jai Shree Krishna everyone!

Jay Shree Krishna, which can be literally translated into “Victory to Krishna”, is what Gujratis often say to greet each other.

It is also uttered in Havelis (temples) to pay one’s respect to Lord Krishna. Here is the beautiful Haveli of Shreenathji in Baroda.


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Street food in Vadodara

Every corner of Gujarat calls you for some tempting food. That is how popular Gujarat is for street food. Vadodara is famous for its 3 Rajus – Raju Omlet, Raju Khaman and Raju Paan. We visited all three Rajus.

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This man makes the best egg bhurji in the world. Covered by Lonely Planet, Highway on my plate and now us, Raju Omlet is very famous in Baroda. That’s a special egg feast prepared for us.

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