Street food in Vadodara

Every corner of Gujarat calls you for some tempting food. That is how popular Gujarat is for street food. Vadodara is famous for its 3 Rajus – Raju Omlet, Raju Khaman and Raju Paan. We visited all three Rajus.

10736041_10154835949880226_1959473039_n 10744609_10154835949485226_723635669_n 10748669_10154835949705226_478394193_n

This man makes the best egg bhurji in the world. Covered by Lonely Planet, Highway on my plate and now us, Raju Omlet is very famous in Baroda. That’s a special egg feast prepared for us.

10698674_799346530122566_3107017741173310884_n (1)

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