Sofitel Jyran shares its Kohinoor Gosht Biryani recipe

In conversation with Sofitel Jyran Executive Chef Indrajit Saha.

image image_1 Kohinoor Ghosht Biryani

Recipe                     Kohinoor Gosht Biryani

                                    (No oil, no butter, no ghee)



20 GMS                     Green Cardamom

100 GMS                  Aniseed Lucknow

10 GMS                     Black Cardamom

10 GMS                     Bay Leaf

20 GMS                     Black Cumin Seeds

2 KG                            Mutton

5 KG                            Milk

150 GMS                  Green Chilli

500 GMS                   Cream

1 KG                              Rice

100 GMS                    Ginger Paste

200 GMS                    Almond

200 GMS                    Brown Onion

                                         Salt to taste



  1. Cook mutton, milk and ginger paste together in a stock pot with all the whole spices.
  2. Cook well, until mutton is cooked to soft.
  3. Add salt and remove mutton from the above milk and ginger paste mixture.
  4. Soak the rice for two hours.
  5. Cook the soaked rice in remaining cream and chilli mixture until half done. Now add the cooked mutton and top it up with the entire rice.
  6. Wrap the container with silver foil for 10 to 15 minutes..
  7. Remove the wrap and garnish with brown onion and almonds.

Legendary Chinese opera comes to India

We are very excited to have received tickets for the legendary Chinese Kunqu Opera, which has come to India!

Okay, so what exactly is Kunqu Opera? It is one of the oldest surviving forms of Chinese opera. It evolved from the Kunshan melody, and dominated Chinese theatre from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

We were lucky to get tickets to a Kunqu Opera play called “The Peony Pavilion”, which will be performed in NCPA Mumbai tonight.

It is a play written by Tang Xianzu in the Ming Dynasty and was first performed in 1598. It is the most popular play of the Ming Dynasty.

Here’s a 2 minute sneak peak: