Rustic Arts – Nature at its best for beauty

Travel Coffee Vogue gives full thumbs up to Rustic Arts, here is our take on their products.

We received this beautiful product hamper from Rustic Art this week. We were very excited to review these wonderful herbal products. 🙂 Hamper

Rustic Art specialize in providing fantastic organic and herbal skin and hair products. The product variety ranges from gels, lotions, face wash and oils.

As quoted by Rustic Art, the products surely do help us living a life, which is “ free of harmful toxins, chemicals and artificial elements.”

Our fabulous goodie bag contained 7 products namely:

7 products 1 FullSizeRender-2

  • Organic wild rose body wash
  • Neem & Basil face wash
  • Organic facial glow lotion
  • Organic hair oil
  • Aloe Vera papaya gel
  • Aloe Vera lavender gel
  • Aloe shampoo
Rose body wash
Rose body wash

The Rose Body Wash, which contains the goodness of Cedar Wood, Aloe Vera and sunflower, goes well with all skin types and is surely worth the buy. Its aroma is something to die for.

Neem & Basil Face Wash
Neem & Basil Face Wash

Neem and Basil Face Wash has the goodness of Geranium, Juniper, Lavender & Chamomile and is a must have for all you lovely girls with acne problem. I had constantly been struggling with my acne for a decade now and this came to my rescue, Neem & Basil face wash by Rustic Art is definitely one of my favorites in the list.

Facial glow
Facial Glow Lotion

The Organic Facial Glow Lotion is also one of best they have, the product not only gives a glory glow to your skin but also moisturizes it well. All you lovely ladies out there this can be your 2-minute facial trick to make heads turn around and take a toll on other women while you glow.

Organic Hair Oil
Organic Hair Oil

Who doesn’t wish for lovely and well-nourished hair? This root-to-tip Organic Hair Oil has the goodness of Sesame, Hibiscus, Fenugreek, Heena & Bhringraja, which gives your hair the nourishment it needs. This hair oil also helps in curing dandruff and reduces hair fall. I strongly suggest trying this hair oil and maintaining you hair as you’ve always dreamt of.

Aloe-Vera Papaya Gel
Aloe-Vera Papaya Gel

The Aloe Vera Papaya Gel clears complexion and also helps in removing blemishes. It not only acts as a healing for cracked skin but also nourishes the skin to its fullest.

Aloe-Vera Lavender Gel
Aloe-Vera Lavender Gel

Aloe Vera Lavender Gel is a must have for people with dry skin and wrinkles. This gel totally helps in repairing skin and fading wrinkles.

Aloe Shampoo
Aloe Shampoo

The Aloe Shampoo helps in acquiring the always dreamt for bouncy hair, Aloe Vera content in the shampoo helps in repairing you hair and making it strong. The consistency of the shampoo is pretty thick and a small portion could be taken for medium length hair.

My Favs– Neem & Basil Face Wash and Facial Glow lotion.


Overall, I personally loved the products by Rustic Art and this goes into one of my favourite skincare product list.


I give Rustic Art 4.5/5.


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