“I am expensive but I am worth it” says Biryani360

Travel Coffee Vogue received an invitation by Shayan Italia to taste a biryani going by the name “Biryani 360”, we were intrigued as to why 360 would have been postfixed to Biryani! On our way to meet him we were wondering is Biryani360 a restaurant? If yes then why is Shayan calling us to his residence!FullSizeRender (1)

As we reached Shyan’s residence we were greeted warmly by the man himself, he soon clarified that the reason he called us home was because Biryani360 is a Delivery and Pickup service. Shayan spoke about a very new concept in the food business which is- having a completely online ordering system through their website or the smartphone app. A point to be noted is that all payments are to be made online, eliminating the need for cash on delivery and the hassles that come with it in the process. Fullscreen capture 26012015 61309 PM.bmp

Biryani360’s menu is limited to two dishes or should we call it one dish in two types- a Veg and a Un-Veg. Personally, we found this to be very surprising as whichever menu we have seen till date floods us with a lot of dishes and sometimes even variety of cuisines are tried to fit in. This point clearly proves that Biryani360 is a master in what it offers. Moving on to the biryanis, in the  un-veg option they have only chicken biryani, so here’s a treat for chicken lovers.B360-15

We personally don’t prefer biryani, but when we tried the Un-veg Biryani360 our taste buds visited heaven, it had just the right flavour and aroma. As soon as we took the first bite all the wonderful flavours blew our mind away, the blend was awesome with perfectly cooked chicken. We would want to mention one thing that stood out in the biryani, the chicken biryani had just the right amount of vegetables making it much more healthier and flavoursome than its competitors. One of the reasons why biryani is not on top favourite list is, the amount of oil used to prepare it but Shyans magical recipe changed that completely, Biryani360 has very little oil saving you from the ‘guilt trip’. When you have the biryani you realize that it is much lighter and easily digestible with high quality ingredients used to prepare it.FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (3)

The vegetarian version of the biryani has a variety of vegetables such as green peas, carrots and french beans cooked to its perfection.

The spicy Biryani was served with the creamy and fluffy raita also called ‘yogurt’ by shayan,which balances the spice well. The raita is prepared using the same masala as the biryani which makes it stand out.

Biryani360 has come up with a cute concept of delivering biryani meals in a box. The veg biryani box is green in color and the un-veg is red, avoiding any confusion before one opens the pack. The box has a very big section reserved for the biryani and two small sections; one for the raita which is complimentary with the biryani and the other one is left empty incase you fall in love with the yogurt and happen to buy an extra portion (available for Rs.30 extra). The Whole box costs Rs 360, hence the name Biryani360.FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (2)

The only disappointment we had with biryani360 was that it only delivers within the boundaries of Khar and Bandra.

But we promise whenever we are in bandra,it will be top on our chart.

To order: Download their app on your phone or visit their website www.biryani360.com

Rating: 4.5/5


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