Navarasas- The Ethnic Oil!!

Guess what showed up in the mail this winter? fantastic products by Navarasas. It was intead a bliss to be receiving these wonderful herbal blends of oil and body scrub which are perfectly blended by Nikki, the women behind the range of products which fall under the brand Navarasas. The products not only has an amazing fragrance but also gives the body the relaxation that it needs.


‘Navarasas’ is to rekindle one’s love with nature. The use of all natural extracts is Nikki’s way to reunite with Mother Nature, while enriching lives with wholesome wellness & healing of the body mind & soul. The blend of oils helps nourish the skin, making it smooth, supple and radiant.

Navarasas Signature blend oil
Navarasas Signature blend oil
  • Navarasas Signature blend oil:

Navarasas signifies nine emotions of mind and Nikki went on to her journey to balance these with Navarasas Essential oil Signature Blend of Jojoba & Sesame seed Oil blended with orange, lavender, lemon & Other Essential oils. This oil is blended to its perfection and provides one with a lot of relaxation and nourishment.

Navarasas Boost – hair growth
Navarasas Boost – hair growth
  • Navarasas Boost – hair growth

Hair fall is one thing we all are afraid of, no matter what age, Navarasas distinctive Essential oil mixture certifies reduction in hair fall & encourages natural hair growth to cover existing bald patches. Concocted using jojoba & grape seed oil with Thyme, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang & other Essential Oils, this product definitely boosts hair growth and is recommended to anyone and everyone facing hair fall issues in their daily life.

Stress Relief Body Scrub
Stress Relief Body Scrub
  • Stress Relief Body Scrub-

With the goodness of Grape fruit, Spearmint Eucalyptus Sugar & Sea Salt Scrub this products scrapes away the stress after a long day. The healing of essential oils & aromatherapy are now a part of your bath routine with the help of this wonderful product without even stepping out of your house. Stress Relief body scrub gives me an option of gifting myself spa treatment each day without even leaving my comfortable house.

Boost shampoo
Boost shampoo
  • Boost shampoo-

The quintessential elements of nature have been packed into the Navarasas Shampoo. Enriched with essential oils to fight dandruff, improve hair growth & repair damaged hair. This is the all in one treatment thatb you need for your hair.

Aromatherapy essential oil
Aromatherapy essential oil
  • Aromatherapy essential oil-

Aromatherapy provides a pure scent which stimulates smell receptors in the nose. This scent, by way of the smell receptors, sends a message to the Central Nervous System– a part of the brain which controls all emotions. By using aromatherapy, emotions such as fear, anxiety, grief, frustration, happiness, excitement, joy, peace and the like can all be positively affected and transformed. The hypothalamus of the brain is also affected and converts the brain stimuli into physical functions such as increased or decreased heart rate, anti-inflammatory reactions, and many others. High levels of sesquiterpenes, found in essential oils, help increase the amount of oxygen to the limbic system of the brain, particularly around the pineal and pituitary glands. This leads to an increase in secretion of antibodies, endorphins and neurotransmitters. It can be used after a shower, directly onto damp skin and then rinsed off or simply towel dried depending on the amount of moisture you wish to retain on the skin.

Stress Relief Oil
Stress Relief Oil
  • Stress Relief Oil-

 This product by Nikki, acts as a remedy for stress and provides one with a lot of relief. The product has the perfect blend of all essential oils , helping you live a stress free life. The product falls under the category of signature blend oil for body which needs to be used with the stress relief body scrub for amazing results. It is recommended you mix the two products well and apply it as a bath scrub, for best results.

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Rating: 3/5


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