Getting High Over Mex-Asian Food!!

Being a hardcore non-veg food fan, Travel Coffee Vogue thought of  trying something trailblazing  this time and go gaga over vegetarian food.

Located in the heart of  South- Mumbai, at Chowpatty, Kurries & Burries  cafe’ Mex-Asian, is  the first outlet in Mumbai serving a right fusion of Mexican and Asian veg cuisine under the same roof.

Travel Coffee Vogue Team with Kushal & his Mom

This place is started by Kushal & his mom, just a month and a half ago with a purpose to dish up veg and jain food across all cuisine with 80% jain items on the menu, which just fits your pocket to suite the Indian palate, they have indionised a few dishes and over the time brought in several improvisations. Every dish in the menu is unique in it’s way, tastes heavenly and goes unmatched. Its something you wouldn’t find it elsewhere especially at the range of price its made available.

Mango Mocktail
Mango Mocktail

The Mango Mocktail (Rs.120) for instance is made from fresh mango pulp, without any preservatives being added to it. The moment you take a sip, a stroke of nostalgia strikes your mind taking you all the way to your childhood, those summer  breaks when you used to get those fresh juicy &  pulpy mangoes which you don’t get it right now.

FullSizeRender (3)
3 Layered Sandwich


FullSizeRender (23)
Mexican Soup

Be it the Mexican soup (Rs.120), Mexican Mex-Wich (Rs.150), the 3 layered sandwich (Rs. 120)  or the crackling spinach with paneer (Rs.160). Every dish was unbelievably delicious and something we had never tasted earlier. The 3 layered sandwich is an in-house dish which is kushal’s mom’s secret special recipe. The sandwich is not something like you get it at the street, its completely different with right twist of mexi-asian in it. The Mexican Mex-wich  loaded with mexican beans, cottage cheese, crispy nachos & topped with salsa sour cream gives you burst of cheese in your mouth. Coming over to crackling paneer, it is something spicy with paneer perfectly tossed in the sauce.

FullSizeRender (24)
Mexican Mex-wich
FullSizeRender (2)
Crackling Spinach with Paneer

We were totally speechless and amazed when we tried the sweet & tangy sandwich(Rs.40), it had a slight taste of coconut in it. Then we were severed kung-pao potatoes (Rs.130), the sauce had the right combination of sweet and spices. Exactly the way anyone would love to have it.

FullSizeRender (13)
Kung Pao Potatoes
FullSizeRender (12)
Sweet Tangy Chutney Sandwich

Moving over to the main course we tried green thai curry with steam rice (Rs.210) which was something more delicious and we were left with no words. For someone who is  used to having it with chicken, it has to be that good to admit the fact that it was amazing.

Thai Curry with Steam Rice
Thai Curry with Steam Rice

With the delicious mains we were given some really yummy strawberry mojito which is a special add on mocktail for the valentines day. The mojito was a very special blend of strawberries, mint and lemon; perfect was the weather and love which is in the air.

FullSizeRender (4)

Strawberry Mojito
Strawberry Mojito

For the desserts we thought of trying chocolate nachos (Rs.80), something we never heard about it before and were quite excited to try it since we entered the cafe. The nachos chips were absolutely spot on, crisp & tasty as was the chocolate sauce. It had a little bit of cardamom taste in it which makes you feel you are having it with maple syrup.

Chocolate Nachos
Chocolate Nachos

The food here is for real and must try for those who are adventurous and want to excite their culinary senses. It just doesn’t end here something more interesting came in when we heard about the food challenge also Known as the Big Daddy Burrito (BDB) Challenge, K&B offers a gastronomic challenge, a challenge so large (Man VS FOOD) – we are talking a whole Burrito made with sumptuous ingredients (Mexican & Asian) weighing close to a kilo.

Big Daddy Burrito
Big Daddy Burrito

This is a 15 minute challenge in which the person who takes up the challenge and succeeds to devour this Burrito within 8 minutes, would have paid nothing. Basically, he or she gets the Burrito for free and their next purchase would grant them a discount of 75 % on the total bill.

FullSizeRender (7)

If anyone manages to beat the current best time he would get the Burrito free & 50% off on the next bill. The current best time is 12 Minute 30 Seconds

Further, if  someone completes the burrito within 15 minutes, he gets it free and if the same is completed over 15 minutes but at the outlet he or she pays 50% of the cost.

FullSizeRender (11)

K &B is pocket friendly with delicious vegetarian dishes on its menu.

we would like to conclude by saying that Kurries and Burries is one of the most happening, budget friendly and awesome restaurants we have been to. It is surely a must try for anyone and everyone who loves to try new things and is a foodie like us 🙂

Rating : 4/5

Address: 29/A, Jethabhai Govindji Building, Opposite Merchants Club, Metro Motors Lane, Rangekar Road, Chowpatty, Mumbai.


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