A Date with Music and Drinks ☺

BlueFROG in Pune is located on the airport road and in the heart of the city with just the right atmosphere for all the music enthusiasts and alcohol lovers.


Travel Coffee Vogue was invited the blueFROG team to experience the Sunday Brunch with lots and lots of food, drinks and live music. The place is well made with a amphitheater in the outside seating area for live concerts and a kids area with an access to tattoo making table and games to play for. It is a place you can enjoy with your family and friends to have someone take care of the kids.

IMG_2193 IMG_2194

Moving on to the drinks, we enjoyed having the get fresh cocktail, which had a hint of watermelon with vodka and was beautifully made. For those who are not a fan of alcohol, cool temptation is a must try which is on their menu for the Sunday Brunch.


The Brunch has a awesome spread of salads and sides to choose from, our team feel in love with the bacon salad and humus with pita sticks which act as a perfect appetizers to go on and on with drinks and enjoy the live music which is being played by very talented musicians. You can also request the musicians to play your favorite songs and sings along with them with an access to delicious lunch.

Salad Spread
Salad Spread
Red Wine Sangria
Red Wine Sangria

For the mains we were served chicken pizza, which was made with in house dough and was light as an accompaniment with the beer.

The shrimp had a very different preparation with a hint of ‘chapata’ flavor added to it, I couldn’t resist myself from having ample of them and take my taste buds on a zig zag journey. The grilled basa fish is also one of the must haves as the flavors were perfectly balanced with extraordinarily good preparation of the fish.

Chicken Pizza
Chicken Pizza
Main course Platter
Main course Platter


Moving on to the desserts, the spread was enormous with a wide range to select from. One dessert that blew my mind was the blueberry cheesecake, it was something you could indulge into for your lifetime and not get over it. I also loved the caramelized crème brulee that melts in your mouth as soon as you take a bit of it.

IMG_2263 IMG_2258


Overall BlueFROG is a place to visit and enjoy your weekend with a ‘paisa wasool’ feeling with your favorite music and people around you. So hop onto the nearest blueFROG café and keep humming to your favorite tunes.



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