Tea Pea- A perfect Definition Of Timepass!!

Who doesn’t like meeting their friends over a cup of tea on a weekday, right? I got the opportunity to go to Tea Pea for a cup of tea last week. I was super excited to finally try out their range of different types of tea.

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Tea pea in Borivali is a nice and cozy place. This place is started by two young entrepreneurs, Ankit who is a software engineer & Parth who just completed his MBA. The idea behind coming up with this cafe is to bring back the traditional Indian liquor – Tea, in limelight and create its presence in youth and other age groups.

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As i entered the cafe i could smell refreshing aroma of herbs. Talking about the décor, it was completely different. The colour combination of the décor was green and brown, when asked why, Ankit replied saying that tea is brown in color and tea leaves are green in colour. There were bean bags on one side while the other side had table and chairs made from tiers!! yes you read it right.. chairs were made from tiers. With a good music in the background and free access to the wifi this place is perfect for friends to hang out and people who like working on their laptops in this kind of atmosphere. They also have few games like snakes & ladder, uno, drop the ball handy games and many more so that people coming in groups can bring back their childhood memories and have a gala time with their friends over a cup of tea.

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With so many varieties of tea on the menu we were confused which one to try. Ankit and Parth suggested us to start with Maa ki haath ki chai (Rs.65). it is tea pea’s special tea, an invigorating cup of tea brewed with Indian spices and lemon grass. As you take one sip of the tea it gives you a delightful feeling and makes you feel fresh and the smell of tea makes you feel good. Then we tried Cranberry tea mocktail (Rs. 84) it gives you the feeling as if you are having cranberry fruit. Then we ordered Frizzy Guava (Rs.119) its among the special items on menu its a thirst quenching Guava based cooler. It gives you the burst of guava flavour in your mouth.

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While Ankiet suggested me to try their Russian tea (Rs.184) my colleague ordered Cappuccino(Rs.75). Russian tea is a luscious cup of tea with an orange base spiced with cinnamon sticks & cloves. It is a little strong tea but gives you good strong feeling in the throat. And the cappuccino was not like the ones we try at other coffee shops. It was handmade and it gives you a slightly different taste then the one you usually try, tea pea cafe also serves few different kinds of coffee.

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As a snack we tried a not so usual one to find in cafes, thep-roll-a(Rs 55) is very well known gujju dish thepla but when you try it out at tea peas it is very different not like the one you have at home. It’s very spicy because of the sauces in roll and garlic taste in your mouth.

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While going through the menu something that caught my eye was stick tea. Something i never heard of before. I tried Tulsi Stick Tea (Rs.99) it is an elegantly crafted infuser sticks filled with the finest tea leaves that provides enough space for the loose tea leaves to unfurl and import their delicate flavour & aroma. Taking one sip of tulsi tea made me feel so energetic with the tulsi flavor in my mouth. They have many kinds of different tea on the menu. They have Namo Tea (Rs.65) which is based on name of Mr.Narendra modi it is a strong kadak chai living upto its name.

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Tea pea is a perfect definition of time pass. One can come along with their gang of friends chill at the cafe by trying different types of tea which is pocket friendly with the good music in background. We found our perfect definition of tp at tea pea hope you find yours too!!

Rating 3.5/5


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