Are You Ready To Get Taccoed??

Travel Coffee Vogue was invited at a bloggers meet to try some really delicous burritos and tacos in a total mex style.Although i have tried Taco Bell abroad, the thought of trying it in Mumbai made me feel excited. I immediately and enthusiastically agreed.

FullSizeRender (11)

Located in R-city Mall, Ghatkopar, this colorful and bustling with activity outlet is a cheerful place to hang out at and enjoy the bounties of Americanized “Mexican” fast food.

taco bell store_image

Tacobell is America’s largest Mexican fast food restaurant chain with over 6000 restaurants across 16 countries worldwide. In India, it is present in Bangalore and Mumbai. Tacobell serves exciting new types of fast food that are both craveable and packed with flavours.

Top loaded Nachos

We started off with TOPPED NACHO which is a great shareable snack that has Taco Bell’s signature crunchy corn chips loaded with delightfully cheesy, tangy and spicy toppings. Every bite was a mouth full. I enjoyed how flavorful the chicken alone was and wasn’t dependent on the other toppings. I could eat the chicken alone and it would still taste great!

Chipotle Chalupa

Next up was the soft crunchy TACO which is a light snack with layers of flavourful hot & cold fillings with a creamy sauce in a soft tortilla shell  which i enjoyed immensely. Not only was it filling but also had a lot of texture to it. From soft to crunchy to chewy, it was like a playground in my mouth.

FullSizeRender (17)

FullSizeRender (22)

Then we tried MEXICAN PIZZA, chicken packed between two crispy pizza shells, loaded with cheese and signature sauces. When you take the first bite of it you get a feeling of delightness, its not too heavy . Its not just another pizza its a pizza like no other.

FullSizeRender (23)

TMB rebel

We were then served with   QUESADILLA & TIKKA MASALA BURRITO. Quesadilla it is a warm soft tortilla filled with chicken, loaded with cheese and signature sauces. Taking a one bite of it makes you feel that you are in cheese land. Tikka Masala Burrito is their Indian styled burrito truly designed for Indians who just love spicy Indian chicken, making us feel gaga over the spicyness of the burrito.

7 layer chicken 2

Then we were introduced to the 7 LAYER BURRITO, it is the king of Burrito with 7 different types of fillings rolled in a soft tortilla and grilled to perfection. Each bite gave us a burst of flavours making us feel full and rejous with pleasure.


And finally we were served with CHOCODILLA something i was desperately waiting for. It’s a warm soft tortilla loaded with melted Belgian chocolate and was served hot. Its a signature taco bell dessert. Taking one bite of it makes you go wow, the taste of hot chocolate in your mouth is just so amazing making you want for more even though you are full. One bite and I knew I would come back for these.


I loved how everything went well together, making every bite a pleasurable one. I enjoyed every dish that was placed and served to us. And tadaaaa—I also got a Taco Bell t-shirt!


Taco bell is accessible and affordable “mexican” food in town, it is the only QSR brand offering a comprehensive Mexican inspired menu. we just got taccoed !!! are you ready to get taccoed too??

Rating : 4/5


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