A Fragrance That Makes Heads Turn!!

Guess what did Travel Coffee Vogue receive in the mail this week? A pair of EDT perfumes :D, which has awesome fragrance and is budget friendly too.


 All Good Scents is the first contemporary perfume house of India and provides an awesome range for both him and her. We personally tried a pair of their EDT Her range, which are tender and chic.The perfume comes in 50 ml bottles that cost you Rs.750. I would call the price affordable and budget friendly for the quality of these EDT perfumes. After trying the perfume I also realized that they last really well, quiet longer than their competitors and others in the similar bracket. The lasting of the perfume is for about 7-8 hours, which is quiet a great deal for an EDT range.


Tender has a nice and sweet mandarin touch to it. Its fragrance is breathtaking with leaving a hint of tanginess to my senses. It also has jasmine and honey notes to it, which is balanced well to add on to its everlasting fragrance. I recommend it to you if you are into lemon and mandarin flavors.


All Good Scents says ‘Chic’is for stylish people. It contains green apple and cedar notes to it, which just makes the fragrance, live up to its name. The fragrance is very unique and it will lift up your mood and of the people around you. It is also ideal for daily use at office or college.


Talking about the packaging the perfumes come in really classy glass bottles with silver caps on it with tight caps leaving very less chances for it to leak into your bag while travelling. Thus, the perfumes may act as good travel scents while you’re on the go.


All Good Scents are a range of extremely good perfumes for both men and women in the Eau de Toilette category, which can be used for personal or even gifting purposes, as they are not only extraordinarily good but also affordable.

 Overall I really loved the fragrances from All Good Scents and recommend each one of you to try it and make it your own.

 The incredible range of perfumes for him and her is available on www.allgoodscents.com

 Rating : 3.5/ 5


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