A Goan Affair at Grand Mercure, Candolim

Travel Coffee Vogue was in Goa in the first week of March. Grand Mercure invited us for a very special and delicious dinner. Mercure, Goa is located very near to the Candolim beach, which is one of the best beaches in goa and attracts a lot of tourists, which are Indian as well as foreigners. FullSizeRender We visited the Festa restaurant in Grand Mercure and experienced having some very good seafood in goan style. The chef also served some continental dishes to us, which were beyond our expectations.

FullSizeRender_4 Watermelon Caprino We were first served some really tempting cocktails like Watermelon Caprino, Mojito and Martini. The drinks were perfectly blended that gave it some really amazing taste and balance.

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 Next we had the Fish Peri Peri and Chicken Roasted Garlic from their continental section for appetizers, which were mind-boggling. From the Goan spread we loved having the chicken Kafiel and Prawn Balchau, both being equally good. I suggest seafood lovers to try prawn balchau, which was made blending together vinegar, coconut, tomato and onions and had a wonderful Goan touch to it. Prawn Balchau Non Veg Goan Thali For the mains we choose to have their very special Non-Veg Goan thali, it had a variety of dishes in it and was the best part of the meal. It consisted of Prawn Goan Curry with some Goan Rice, Mungachi Bhaji which consisted of sprouted green lentil cooked in goan style, Sol Kadi which is extremely good for digestion, balchau naan, Masala Clams, Fried Fish and a piece of Bebica which is a type of pudding (Goan dessert). I personally loved the Goan Curry and Rice, which I kept having even after my stomach was bursting. The balchau naan was one of their specialties made with the balchau masala consisting of onion, tomato, coconut and vinegar that surely stood out in the whole Thali.

FullSizeRender_2 Gulab Jamun Mango Cheesecake Then we moved onto our desserts, having tried some delicious mango cheesecake and the very yummy chocolate muddle pie. Travel coffee Vogue loved the food at festa and would recommend all those who are in goa to try it once.


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