Summer Tales of Barbeque Nation.

It’s march! And we say hello to summer by experiencing Kulfi festival at Barbeque Nation where we were invited to try the “kulfi tasting session” along with the full course meal during the dinner time.


The place has got amazing ambience with a well lit beautifully made interiors. Known for its ‘on your table barbeque concept’ where you have personalised grills for every table; you get to grill the veggies, chicken and prawns as per your preference with different marinades provided with a brush.

The staff here is generous and are quite knowledgeable, they familiarise you with the various levels of flavouring and also assist you in the selection of dinner menu.


We had sheek kebab,Cajun spice potato,sultani tangi,prawns,achaari mushroom and pepper chicken for starters. The kebabs were perfectly cooked with proper blend of spices. The prawns were unbelievably delicious, crispy from outside and soft and juicy from the inside. The tandoori cod fish was cooked to its perfection.



Then after having a wholesome and heavy starters,we moved on to the main course starting with noodles which were light and bland, perfect after heavy kebabs and tandoor. It will not be wrong to say that the noodles were prepared keeping in mind how heavy the starters were. We tried ghost mutton,white sause pasta,kaali daal just to name a few. While having the ghost mutton, you could totally feel the burst of flavours in your mouth and when cut the mutton was pink which showed how well it was cooked.




Finally moving on to desserts, we tried out the different varieties of kulfi’s we had been craving to taste for soo long. There were more than over a hundred varieties of kulfis that you could possibly have. But there were some 6 of them,which the chef recommended us to try on. Having tried all 6 of them we discovered that every type of kulfi tasted totally different form the other,each made with a totally unique concept and combination of ingredients.

IMG_3201IMG_3189 (1)10355769_895354913855060_8146027307069498492_n11101258_895354880521730_8187494373422497767_n





The paan kulfi and the strawberry kulfi were undoubtedly the best thing you can ever have and you just cant stop by having just one.

Overall, We really loved the starters which the right amount of flavouring and spices and sauces added to it. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and so was their serving which was equally heart warming. The varieties of kulfis that we got offered here is something that you certainly won’t get easily anywhere else. This makes visiting BBQ nation a place which is hard to miss and something which is worth visiting over and over again.IMG_3209

Travel Coffee Vogue gives a full thumps up to Barbeque Nation for introducing Kulfi Nation.

Rating : 4/5


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