High Tea with Giaa Manek

Giaa Manek is an Indian television actress. She played the role of Jeannie in Sab TV’s Jeannie Aur Juju and Gopi in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. She is of Gujarati heritage.


Travel Coffee Vogue spent their evening over tea and snacks with Giaa. Have a look at what Giaa has to say to all of us.


  • Something about me- Well besides being in the glamour industry and being an actress ,I m an extremely simple, girl next door who isn’t affected with the glamour.
  • Current projects – At the moment I have been reading scripts and waiting to sign something as special as my 1st two shows .
  • Sayings I live by- Honest people are always rewarded /In life surround yourself with those who light your path/if people are trying to bring u down ,it’s becoz they can’t be where ur so be proud of yourself .
  • After a hectic day where do u simply go to have a good time – Long drive ,listen to my favourite music.
  • Favourite cuisine- Anything that made with chicken.
  • First fun in the sun vacation with friends – Esselworld.
  • Favourite place in India – Yet have to explore india to choose my favourite.
  • Most differing word you have heard someone use to describe you- Well whatever it is ,it has always been behind my back. People generally are very kind on my face.
  • How I like to spend my weekends –I start by sleeping well , eating well, watching a good movie on my dvd with my loved ones around and lastly going out with my true friends and in between have a chat session with my fans.
  • What I like best about Mumbai- Vada Pav.
  • Fashion trend u swear by- Summer dresses.
  • What makes my day – When I m complimented for my work.
  • What ruins it – Liars ,hypocrites ,unprofessionals.
  • Favourite street food- Vada Pav .
  • Fashion trend I can’t stand- When ppl wear clothes that just don’t suit thier body type.
  • 3 people I would love to invite for dinner -Three of my fans.
  • A tune I can’t get out of my hear – Currently aashique 2 songs.
  • A recent movie I would have liked to be in – Jab We Met
  • One lie that I have got away with – That I m 20 year old.
  • A movie that makes me cry – most of them. (some with happiness and some with sorrow )
  • A movie that brings smile to my face – All salman khan movies.
  • 1 thing I can’t stand – Bad body odour.
  • Yoga or Gym- Yoga
  • Few words for Travel Coffee Vogue- Have read your articles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram really interesting,unique and refreshing to read. 🙂



2 thoughts on “High Tea with Giaa Manek

  1. I really like this article of Giaa mam.I like her because she always chat for her fans & she understands them feelings.I really like this nature.I wish I could meet her.hope soo.

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