Jab Hunger Sataye, Grab a Rite Bite Nutrition Bar!!

Being a foodie, from time to time I keep getting these cravings to eat something that tastes good and also curbs my hunger pangs. But constantly on the back of my mind I know that these snacks aren’t really good on my health.\

How awesome would it be if you could find something which could give you both the things. Something that is healthy and at the same time tastes good too. But in today’s on the rum society,it just seems to be an impossible luxury. The pocket sized bars named Rite Bite Max Protein are the answer to this problem. They are manufactured by Naturell(India) Pvt.Ltd ,a visional healthy lifestyle company.


They are the perfect on-th-go snack that provide the right kind of nutritional boost. They are available in three different mouth watering flavours that will surely please your taste buds.I always had this mental block that protein bars can never taste good. But when i tried them,I was quite surprised and realized that I was so wrong about it. For people who like chocolates, there are choco slim and choco-fudge flavors.

Choco slim: It’s a sugar free bar,which has a sweet candid taste of chocolate brownie.
Choco-fudge: Rich in cocoa,the bar has got a dominating nutty flavor, forming a perfect choice for chocolate lover.
If you have a savory tooth,then honey lemon flavor is just made for you. It had impeccable blend of honey and lemon which gives this bar a nectarous and tangy flavor.

These protein bars have been formulated with a protein-rich ingredients, which enhance cell metabolism, thereby increasing energy productions. They have got 20g protein, 5g fiber and up to 21 vitamins in a single serving and hence can be had as a substitute to any meal. It has well calculated calories that can be easily adjusted by the body without adding those extra pounds to your weight.
What more could one ask for. So say goodbye to all unhealthy snacks and hello to Rite Bite nutrition bars.


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