Get chocolate wasted with Pure Sin chocolates!!

True happiness is something that gets spread out and there’s nothing like chocolate to raise the spirits. Hence, this time we tried out sinfully rich, Pure Sin chocolates and man I must say, we literally got carried on wings of passion.


Pure Sin offers a wide range of the most mouth watering chocolates being: White espresso, almond rocks,tangerine tango, karma, roses are brown and many more. Located at Churchgate and Khar, the store was started 17 years ago by Aarti Kapai who has elevated the selling of chocolates into an art.

Like love,chocolate is always a delight to receive or give. Be it a birthday gift or anniversary or any other given special  occasion, chocolates prove to be a perfect gift that can be given to all near and dear ones.




These chocolates are  like a synonym for happiness. So what are you waiting for? Go grab these wonderfully delicious chocolates from Pure Sin just like we did because we don’t believe in postponing happiness.

Rating: 4/5

Contact: Pure Sin Chocolates

To know and see more check out Pure Sin chocolate ‘s video on our Travel Coffee Vogue Facebook Page.


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