Foodgasm Level Infinity with Feast in a Tray!!

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him. The people who give you their food,give you their heart. So true!! But in today’s fast paced life, where we spend most of our time in offices, with so little spare time left, going to someone else’s house goes totally out of option. But sharing food? Definitely not. Inspite of being in the office ,having a busy schedule and no time to get home made food , you can still make this possible. Confused? Let me tell you how this can be made possible.


Feast in a tray, a food delivering service gives you option of choosing between the veg and  non veg food and delivers a variety of amazingly delicious food everyday at your workplace. And it’s all even the more fun when you can share it with your colleagues too, who will just not be able to stop themselves from licking and eating up their own fingers once they taste the food.  So if you are a foodie and miss having homemade food at your workplace, you should definitely give feast in a tray a try.

Travel Coffee Vogue gives Feast in a tray a full thumbs up!!


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