It was more than just a gig!!

30th and 31st of October, 2015, marked the 6th season of Harley Rock Riders in Mumbai – a gig for all the music lovers in an open and well-arranged warehouse of Richardson & Cruddas, Byculla, Mumbai. Warehouse gigs are fast trending in our country and a culture that we adopted from the west. Although we are not metal heads, we bought tickets for this gig to appreciate talent and art in every form, like we all should. So basically, there were 2 set ups which means there were 2 stages in two different warehouse shelters as the line-up was a big one. The best of bikes of Harley Davidson were on display and a trial ride was given to all the bike lovers.




Day 1: Honestly, we had never heard metal before this as religiously as the people around there did. The headliner was ‘Megadeth’ and it couldn’t get any better. Bhayanak Maut, Scribe, Coshish were one of the talented bands in the line-up. We could see people crying out loud, out of such admiration and bonds that they developed with these legends which could only be felt by them.
Head banging, mosh, yelling out the lyrics and returning with inexplicable satiety and contentment is the motive behind attending such gigs.
Also, Chris Adler is one of the best drummers the world has ever seen. Dazzled with their jaw dropping performances, we eagerly waited for the day we had never anticipated would be so close.



harley-rock-riders-2015-pic-image-photo-zigwheels-03092015-m1_720x540 (1)

Day 2: A sunny Saturday, a group of ever ready fans and bands of extreme eminence and distinction. We bought tickets for this gig majorly for the 2nd day. Our all-time favourite bands were playing that night – ‘The Wailers’ and ‘Indus Creed’. And trust me, my friends, THEY KILLED IT. It was the best gig I had ever attended, so far.
It was crazy how we all went bonkers during the set of ‘Indus Creed’ we ran in delirium from the first stage to another to not miss out on anything. For all those who don’t know, Indus Creed is India’s oldest rock band and we vehemently suggest you to listen to their songs , RIGHT NOW!
‘The Wailers’ – Bob Marley’s band. I guess the name is enough, haha.. Reggae is one of our favourite genres and Bob Marley is love. There were tears in our eyes, tears of happiness, tears of attachment and tears for a person who was a revolutionary in ways more than one. Dwayne “Danglin” Anglin stole the show when he said “The world is filled with a lot of negativity. Cherish every moment of positive vibrations that you get.” That moment of telepathy and appreciation was beyond comprehension. It was, indeed, a memorable and prodigious night we all experienced.

We had a great time visiting this event. If you still haven’t checked them out, then go do it right now.


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