Kim Sharma launches her own bridal grooming consultancy service. TCV does a quick rapid fire interview with her.

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Kim Michelle Sharma is a Bollywood actress and model. She started her career with appearing in TV commercials when she was spotted by Aditya Chopra for his multi-starrer movie Mohabbatein. She has recently launched her own bridal grooming consultancy service – Liaison. So Travel Coffee Vogue had a quick rapid fire interview with kim Sharma :



  1. Tell us something about your bridal grooming consultancy service “Liaison”.

The reason I decided to start Liaison is that I first hand witnessed a brides day go horribly wrong because of complete lack of knowledge and guidance. When I moved to Kenya, I helped out a few friends who were getting married, and soon there were people who were not friends, asking me for my help. That’s when I decided to turn it into a business. There are many professionals in this business who are no doubt good and experienced in what they do, however, sadly with the term ‘celebrity’ or ‘known’ becoming so rampant, I noticed that sometimes certain professionals fail to give the time, energy and dedication to a client that may not get them any media mileage. To avoid this, Liaison offers through its vast vendor list and personal relationship, to give a girl before her big day all the importance and time she deserves. I also feel change needs to be lifestyle related and not for a day or a week. This is where I hope to give the girls knowledge and advice that they can apply, build upon and therefore change the basic structure of how they approach themselves both physically and emotionally.

  1. Tell us something about you which very few people know of.

 I suffer from OCD. Everything has to be color coded, neat and perfect. At the same time, I love eating food with my hands; I can watch tv for 12 hours straight and sleep for 24 hours if I could!

  1. Are there any mottos or sayings you live by?

I have always believed in Audrey Hepburn’s quote – Happy girls are the prettiest! Truly, there is nothing greater than being happy, seeing your loved ones happy, and the rest as they say, will eventually fall in place!

  1. After a hectic schedule, where do you go to simply kick-off and have a good time?

It all depends on what kind of fun I’m looking for! If I just want some R n R, I’ll just head out to my mother’s place and get pampered by her. If I still have the energy to party after a hectic schedule then I’ll head to Goa or Bangkok with my friends; if I’m exhausted, then I’ll just sleep at home, call a masseuse and relax.

  1. Name few of your favorite movies.

To be honest, I don’t recollect the last film I saw, that’s because I land up forgetting it within two days, haha!

  1. What’s your ultimate travel destination?

It has to be New York!

  1. What’s your favorite dish?

I am a foodie! I like too many things, to name just one! My favourite dish depend would depend on my mood, the country I’m in, the restaurant and the cuisine I feel like gorging on. I just love food in general!

Kim Sharma - New Photo


  1. Where did you have your first ‘Fun in the Sun’ vacation with your friends?

This has to be Goa, hands down! We were much younger then, and Goa was accessible for us youngsters at the time, so definitely, Goa.

  1. Your favorite place in India?

India is so diverse: I love South India. Kerala, to be precise. I love the old world charm in Rajasthan with the palaces and extravagance it offers. Then again for party animals, there’s Goa!

10.The best place for shopping in India and abroad?

In India I love Delhi, and internationally, it’s New York.

  1. Music or book: which one would be better company when travelling alone?


  1. A fashion trend that you swear by?

Trends come and go. I always suggest to dress Classic!

  1. What makes you super happy?

I love spending time with my family. Apart from that Eating, sleeping, and shopping makes me happy.

  1. How do you like to spend your weekends?

It ranges from doing ten things in a day being super productive, to chilling in my pyjamas, lazying around and enjoying doing nothing!

  1. What do you like the best about Mumbai?

Mumbai’s undying spirit.

  1. A few words for Travel Coffee Vogue.

Travel Coffee Vogue is an interesting read and one that I closely follow. Wishing all it’s readers, a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year!





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