Cocktail Recipes By Aspri Spirits

December is a month of sheer merriment and exchange of presents. While Santa brings you surprises and a sense of relief that someone is looking over your deep hidden prayers and desires, we at Travel Coffee Vogue, are more concerned in making your new years and Christmas party extravagant without you putting in a lot of hard work or efforts.

Lights, decorations, candles, gifts and carols is what this festive season is all about. Marshmallows, champagnes, wines and cakes make up for most of the special dishes, and of course drinks when we have guests to be entertained.
But today, we have something unique for you, something extraordinary and something different yet special. Cocktails, as we all know they are everyone’s all-time favourite but they soon could go mind-numbing if not given any variation.

Aspri Spirits shares the most tasty and festive holiday cocktail and drink recipes to spice up your party and get-togethers.

1) Drive Me Crazy 


1 fresh passion fruit
20ml vanilla syrup
10ml lime juice
30ml Rum
60ml Freixenet cava Cordon Negro Brut




step 1: Shake all ingredients except FREIXENET during 10 seconds.
step2: Serve the cocktail in a Martini glass.
step 3: Add Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut and gently stir to get a perfect mixture.
step 4: Garnish the cocktail.

2) Musk Melon Cooler


60ml elit™ by Stolichnaya®

4 chunks of musk melon

30ml simple syrup

10ml fresh lime juice



step 1: Muddle the musk melon in the bottom of a shaker.
step 2: Add the remaining ingredients and shake well, then strain into a chilled martini glass.
step 3: Garnish with a lime wheel.

3) Patron Silver Spice 



45ml Patrón Silver

45ml freshly squeezed pinkgrapefruit juice

1 inch whole chili

15ml simple syrup

10ML LIME juice

5ml agave syrup

1 whole chili for garnish



step 1: Lightly crush chili in a Boston.
step 2: shaker with a spoon, add rest of ingredients, shake with ice, and pour over ice in highball glass.
step 3: Garnish with whole chili.

4) Blinker


45ml CAMUS VSOP Elegance Cognac

30ml grapefruit juice

10ml fresh lime juice

5ml sugar syrup

Fresh raspberries



step 1: Put 6-8 fresh raspberries or 30ml raspberry puree in a caipirinha glass.
step 2: then add the grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice and finally the sugar syrup.
step 3: Muddle all the ingredients, fill the glass with crushed ice and pour the Cognac over it.
step 4: Mix with a spoon or swizzle stick and top up with crushed ice.
Serve with straws.

5)Dom Pedro 


90ML Amarula

150ML Vanilla Ice-Cream

25ML Thick Cream

Amarula Dom Pedro



Step 1: Combine all the ingredients in a blender/shaker, Blend well.

Step 2: Pour into a glass.

Step 3: Garnish with chocolate poder or spun chocolate .

6)Campari Orange Passion 


30ML Campari

2 Slices Orange

1 Teaspoon Brown Sugar

90ML Light Orange Juice

Some Crushed Ice

Campari Orange Passion


Step 1: Prepare the drink in a tall glass.

Step2: Place orange and brown sugar in the glass and crush to a pulp.

Step 3: Add crushed ice.

Step 4: Add Campari and Organge Juice, and gently stir.

Step5: Garnish with a red cherry.





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