Recipe: Fresh Strawberry Soya Panacotta

Asian kitchen happens to be one of the top most restaurants for oriental, continental and traditional cuisines. Our experience at Four Points the only hotel by Sheraton in Mumbai, was one of a kind.

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It has a perfect ambiance for dinning with neatly decorated tables and smooth lighting inside was on point. The cooking area where the chefs cooked our buffet was an open kitchen. So we could see how flawlessly, neatly and orderly chefs made dishes which would be such a difficult task for us.

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The buffet area was indeed elegant and clean with humble staff members and hospitable service is what made our day better, because you could have the best of flavours in your plate but if the service is not up to the mark then the food flavours could do no good to your meal moods. So our moods were already set and the staff’s gentle approach added on to it.

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We were served every dish with great warmth from the staff’s end. They constantly guided us about the recipes and ingredients of the dishes served. They served us with a good mixture of Continental, Oriental and Indian cuisines with an elegant smiling face and fresh hot dishes.

Chef Mukul Jha snatched the show with his humble approach towards us and the mesmerizing taste of his unique dishes. His highly impressive recipes and tone of conversation had an ever lasting impact. Soya Strawberry Panacotta was one of his unique dishes, where he mentioned that soya is very suitable and recommendable for diabetic patient as desserts made out of milk and sugar are often not healthy.


Ingredients:Fresh Strawberry Soya Panacotta

Soya Milk- 5 ml

Gelatine-12 gm

Fresh Strawberry-8

Whipped Cream-10 gm




Step1:  Soak Gelatine in cold water and refrigerate it.

Step2:  Reduce 100 ml of Soya milk and keep aside.

Step3:  Melt the Gelatine in a Microwave and pour it in the reduced soya milk.

Step4:  In a Shot glass, place the fresh cut strawberry at the base.

Step5:  Pour the mixture into the shot glass and allow it to set.

Step6:  Garnish with Fresh cut strawberry.

Travel Coffee Vogue gives full thumps up to Asian Kitchen for their food & services.



What do the Stars have in store for you in 2016?



Want to know what to expect from 2016? Tarot card reader  Khevna Joshi has created an overview for the year based on the 12 signs of the Zodiac, from your career to your love life.


People born under this zodiac will embrace bliss and joy in their life. Light up your life with experiencing happiness and joy by meeting people and going around places. The magic formula for success in the work and love is the communication. Release the need to be practical in your life, let go off controlling events and people. Try to make time for yourself. Work hard but don’t forget to give time to your family & friends. Have fun and just let go.

People born under this zodiac sign will experience deep inner wisdom emerging within them. You will be blessed with ancient wisdom, be open and receptive to receive it. You may suddenly feel the push to inculcate your family traditions and routines. Your ancestral knowledge will guide you on the right path. Love is in the air all year, but you will be also dealing with deeper issues. Family will help you to deal with problems.

This year Geminians will boldly and confidently step into power. You have been aware of your inner strengths and power and now you know how to use it for your betterments. Accept the vibrant self you are. Whatever is bothering you will be resolved with the love and light you have within. 2016 is a year of choices and you should pace yourself if you are contemplating change.

Cancer hold your glass high because it’s time to celebrate your life,  2016 is your kind of year. This is the time when you can turn on that moonlit charm of yours and make sure that the people in your life are the ones you want most! Don’t let small problems rob off your smiles and joy. Life is like a sea with high and low tides. How you surf the waves now will take you to a new destination and adventure.

Leo this the time to show your real self. Know that every moment, situation and event has a profound value and it shapes your life. You are a wondrous and magnificent being. Embrace all parts of yourself, don’t judge yourself on the basis of others perception.

You are certainly in for one of the best years of your life, this year is full of surprises, open your  heart and soul to divine grace with  gratitude. All your problems will be resolved. You don’t have to worry for anything as all is well and is being taken care of by the Divine. Gifts from the creator are on their way. You need to be grateful for all that you have, be humble and kind. Surprises are around the corner.

Libra open the door to the good life, and lightens up your personal life as well as your relationships — both personal and professional. This cosmic gift giver is increasing your self-confidence, your sex appeal, and your charm… and it shows, Libra. You’re magnetic this year. Make most of use of your knowledge, talents and time. The more you share this year, the more you will receive.


Scorpio, 2016 is a year for answers, and you are curious. Some of you may stumble upon a brand new attitude. You may be more content than you have been in the past few years and allow your diligent Scorpio self to coast through, pausing to smell the roses! Think in a positive way and be kind to everyone. All things will fall in the right place.


This is the kind of year you may have dreamed about in the past… and here it is in living color, Sag.
Cherish the simplest moments of joy and awe in your life. Focus on what is important to you and let everything else go. Scan all areas of your life and clear out all internal and external clutter. Rest and rejuvenate. Do what matters and release whatever burdens steals your peace.


New opportunities are coming to you. You are entering a period of growth and expansion. Don’t hesitate to embrace it even if you are not sure how you will handle it. Remember you will be given all the support you will need.

2016 is a good year as everything is falling into place because you are not resisting the flow of the universe. You are allowing everything to unfold on its own without trying to control anything. You don’t need to decide and plan everything on your own. Give time and things will churn out well.

Although you do have a list of priorities for the year, love is your first concern and your romantic life is on fire! This year is all about you — what it is you want, whom you love, and what you look like. Be a good observer and absorb as much knowledge and information as you can. Don’t take hasty decision Discussions or arguments will prove costly

To know more about your Zodiac prediction and Tarot Card prediction, you can get touch with Khevna on her page – Khevna says that.