Recipe: Fresh Strawberry Soya Panacotta

Asian kitchen happens to be one of the top most restaurants for oriental, continental and traditional cuisines. Our experience at Four Points the only hotel by Sheraton in Mumbai, was one of a kind.

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It has a perfect ambiance for dinning with neatly decorated tables and smooth lighting inside was on point. The cooking area where the chefs cooked our buffet was an open kitchen. So we could see how flawlessly, neatly and orderly chefs made dishes which would be such a difficult task for us.

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The buffet area was indeed elegant and clean with humble staff members and hospitable service is what made our day better, because you could have the best of flavours in your plate but if the service is not up to the mark then the food flavours could do no good to your meal moods. So our moods were already set and the staff’s gentle approach added on to it.

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We were served every dish with great warmth from the staff’s end. They constantly guided us about the recipes and ingredients of the dishes served. They served us with a good mixture of Continental, Oriental and Indian cuisines with an elegant smiling face and fresh hot dishes.

Chef Mukul Jha snatched the show with his humble approach towards us and the mesmerizing taste of his unique dishes. His highly impressive recipes and tone of conversation had an ever lasting impact. Soya Strawberry Panacotta was one of his unique dishes, where he mentioned that soya is very suitable and recommendable for diabetic patient as desserts made out of milk and sugar are often not healthy.


Ingredients:Fresh Strawberry Soya Panacotta

Soya Milk- 5 ml

Gelatine-12 gm

Fresh Strawberry-8

Whipped Cream-10 gm




Step1:  Soak Gelatine in cold water and refrigerate it.

Step2:  Reduce 100 ml of Soya milk and keep aside.

Step3:  Melt the Gelatine in a Microwave and pour it in the reduced soya milk.

Step4:  In a Shot glass, place the fresh cut strawberry at the base.

Step5:  Pour the mixture into the shot glass and allow it to set.

Step6:  Garnish with Fresh cut strawberry.

Travel Coffee Vogue gives full thumps up to Asian Kitchen for their food & services.



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