A love story down the connecting lane where some shoes have good soles and some men have good souls.


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“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

Marilyn Monroe

                       Whether you like to keep your feet on the ground or prefer the high life, no doubt a woman’s shoe love is true love. But ever wondered about the possible parallel connection between our men and our shoes? Right from the hunting stage to having them they are so comparable. No matter how rich a girl or how many pairs of shoes she owns, there will always be a pair that is ‘forever meant to be’.  We have always been wired for shoe lust even when the going gets tough for that perfect shoe, just like the chase for ‘Mr. Perfect’ of our life.


Finding a great pair of shoes takes time, diligence and looking at dozens if not sometimes hundreds of pairs before you find the right one. The same is with finding the love of your life. Keeping the hunt on unless tried and tested, you never know if Cindrella has found her shoes. Some shoes are very classy and comfy to wear. They are soft bound and don’t hurt our feet unlike the other pairs of shoes that are harsh and rough- just like our dear men. Either they are chivalrous and comfortable to be with who bring out the real woman in us or they just play insensitive with our emotions and hurt our feelings. It’s as good as the comfort variation between ‘stilettos and wedge heels’.


Shoes come in different heel lengths as well. Most shoes have heels which are four inches high, or even higher. They are the men who put their women on a pedestal; laud and adore their beauty and charm. Well, there is also a challenge– how gentle and sturdy is the heel?   On the other side, some shoes are flat which don’t really get noticed. They are the men who walk every step with you and just let their women glitter on their own. They are humble, often get unnoticed but most of the time they are the ones behind our success.

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But what we women want and need isn’t always the same. We are always torn between fashion and comfort. There are shoes which are stylish, top-of-the-line fashion materials. They are indeed nice to wear and brag about with our girl friends. But they don’t give us the high of what we really want. Well now it’s easy to guess the talk is all about the guys who are gifted with pretty faces and chiseled bodies. On a funnier note, in this age of branding and selling there are high chances of- what we see is not what we always get. The picture of the shoe that appears online or on the box front might not match the colour and style inside, so does real selves and profile pictures of many guys on Facebook. For a simpler choice, there are also simple shoes. Note: They are easy to maintain as well. Just like the men who are true to themselves and to their women – loyal, honest and sincere.


An ideal pair of shoes may not necessarily come with great looks, even though some may look attractive and elegant at first sight but one never knows the next sight could be of blisters. Some pairs of shoes come sheer and simple, yet would give us the best pair we’ll ever have. A match found could be miraculous like Cinderella or could be a long chase like Carrie Bradshaw. “So what kind of shoe are you looking for?”