A love story down the connecting lane where some shoes have good soles and some men have good souls.


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“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

Marilyn Monroe

                       Whether you like to keep your feet on the ground or prefer the high life, no doubt a woman’s shoe love is true love. But ever wondered about the possible parallel connection between our men and our shoes? Right from the hunting stage to having them they are so comparable. No matter how rich a girl or how many pairs of shoes she owns, there will always be a pair that is ‘forever meant to be’.  We have always been wired for shoe lust even when the going gets tough for that perfect shoe, just like the chase for ‘Mr. Perfect’ of our life.


Finding a great pair of shoes takes time, diligence and looking at dozens if not sometimes hundreds of pairs before you find the right one. The same is with finding the love of your life. Keeping the hunt on unless tried and tested, you never know if Cindrella has found her shoes. Some shoes are very classy and comfy to wear. They are soft bound and don’t hurt our feet unlike the other pairs of shoes that are harsh and rough- just like our dear men. Either they are chivalrous and comfortable to be with who bring out the real woman in us or they just play insensitive with our emotions and hurt our feelings. It’s as good as the comfort variation between ‘stilettos and wedge heels’.


Shoes come in different heel lengths as well. Most shoes have heels which are four inches high, or even higher. They are the men who put their women on a pedestal; laud and adore their beauty and charm. Well, there is also a challenge– how gentle and sturdy is the heel?   On the other side, some shoes are flat which don’t really get noticed. They are the men who walk every step with you and just let their women glitter on their own. They are humble, often get unnoticed but most of the time they are the ones behind our success.

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But what we women want and need isn’t always the same. We are always torn between fashion and comfort. There are shoes which are stylish, top-of-the-line fashion materials. They are indeed nice to wear and brag about with our girl friends. But they don’t give us the high of what we really want. Well now it’s easy to guess the talk is all about the guys who are gifted with pretty faces and chiseled bodies. On a funnier note, in this age of branding and selling there are high chances of- what we see is not what we always get. The picture of the shoe that appears online or on the box front might not match the colour and style inside, so does real selves and profile pictures of many guys on Facebook. For a simpler choice, there are also simple shoes. Note: They are easy to maintain as well. Just like the men who are true to themselves and to their women – loyal, honest and sincere.


An ideal pair of shoes may not necessarily come with great looks, even though some may look attractive and elegant at first sight but one never knows the next sight could be of blisters. Some pairs of shoes come sheer and simple, yet would give us the best pair we’ll ever have. A match found could be miraculous like Cinderella or could be a long chase like Carrie Bradshaw. “So what kind of shoe are you looking for?”






Recipe: Fresh Strawberry Soya Panacotta

Asian kitchen happens to be one of the top most restaurants for oriental, continental and traditional cuisines. Our experience at Four Points the only hotel by Sheraton in Mumbai, was one of a kind.

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It has a perfect ambiance for dinning with neatly decorated tables and smooth lighting inside was on point. The cooking area where the chefs cooked our buffet was an open kitchen. So we could see how flawlessly, neatly and orderly chefs made dishes which would be such a difficult task for us.

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The buffet area was indeed elegant and clean with humble staff members and hospitable service is what made our day better, because you could have the best of flavours in your plate but if the service is not up to the mark then the food flavours could do no good to your meal moods. So our moods were already set and the staff’s gentle approach added on to it.

FullSizeRender (16)

We were served every dish with great warmth from the staff’s end. They constantly guided us about the recipes and ingredients of the dishes served. They served us with a good mixture of Continental, Oriental and Indian cuisines with an elegant smiling face and fresh hot dishes.

Chef Mukul Jha snatched the show with his humble approach towards us and the mesmerizing taste of his unique dishes. His highly impressive recipes and tone of conversation had an ever lasting impact. Soya Strawberry Panacotta was one of his unique dishes, where he mentioned that soya is very suitable and recommendable for diabetic patient as desserts made out of milk and sugar are often not healthy.


Ingredients:Fresh Strawberry Soya Panacotta

Soya Milk- 5 ml

Gelatine-12 gm

Fresh Strawberry-8

Whipped Cream-10 gm




Step1:  Soak Gelatine in cold water and refrigerate it.

Step2:  Reduce 100 ml of Soya milk and keep aside.

Step3:  Melt the Gelatine in a Microwave and pour it in the reduced soya milk.

Step4:  In a Shot glass, place the fresh cut strawberry at the base.

Step5:  Pour the mixture into the shot glass and allow it to set.

Step6:  Garnish with Fresh cut strawberry.

Travel Coffee Vogue gives full thumps up to Asian Kitchen for their food & services.


What do the Stars have in store for you in 2016?



Want to know what to expect from 2016? Tarot card reader  Khevna Joshi has created an overview for the year based on the 12 signs of the Zodiac, from your career to your love life.


People born under this zodiac will embrace bliss and joy in their life. Light up your life with experiencing happiness and joy by meeting people and going around places. The magic formula for success in the work and love is the communication. Release the need to be practical in your life, let go off controlling events and people. Try to make time for yourself. Work hard but don’t forget to give time to your family & friends. Have fun and just let go.

People born under this zodiac sign will experience deep inner wisdom emerging within them. You will be blessed with ancient wisdom, be open and receptive to receive it. You may suddenly feel the push to inculcate your family traditions and routines. Your ancestral knowledge will guide you on the right path. Love is in the air all year, but you will be also dealing with deeper issues. Family will help you to deal with problems.

This year Geminians will boldly and confidently step into power. You have been aware of your inner strengths and power and now you know how to use it for your betterments. Accept the vibrant self you are. Whatever is bothering you will be resolved with the love and light you have within. 2016 is a year of choices and you should pace yourself if you are contemplating change.

Cancer hold your glass high because it’s time to celebrate your life,  2016 is your kind of year. This is the time when you can turn on that moonlit charm of yours and make sure that the people in your life are the ones you want most! Don’t let small problems rob off your smiles and joy. Life is like a sea with high and low tides. How you surf the waves now will take you to a new destination and adventure.

Leo this the time to show your real self. Know that every moment, situation and event has a profound value and it shapes your life. You are a wondrous and magnificent being. Embrace all parts of yourself, don’t judge yourself on the basis of others perception.

You are certainly in for one of the best years of your life, this year is full of surprises, open your  heart and soul to divine grace with  gratitude. All your problems will be resolved. You don’t have to worry for anything as all is well and is being taken care of by the Divine. Gifts from the creator are on their way. You need to be grateful for all that you have, be humble and kind. Surprises are around the corner.

Libra open the door to the good life, and lightens up your personal life as well as your relationships — both personal and professional. This cosmic gift giver is increasing your self-confidence, your sex appeal, and your charm… and it shows, Libra. You’re magnetic this year. Make most of use of your knowledge, talents and time. The more you share this year, the more you will receive.


Scorpio, 2016 is a year for answers, and you are curious. Some of you may stumble upon a brand new attitude. You may be more content than you have been in the past few years and allow your diligent Scorpio self to coast through, pausing to smell the roses! Think in a positive way and be kind to everyone. All things will fall in the right place.


This is the kind of year you may have dreamed about in the past… and here it is in living color, Sag.
Cherish the simplest moments of joy and awe in your life. Focus on what is important to you and let everything else go. Scan all areas of your life and clear out all internal and external clutter. Rest and rejuvenate. Do what matters and release whatever burdens steals your peace.


New opportunities are coming to you. You are entering a period of growth and expansion. Don’t hesitate to embrace it even if you are not sure how you will handle it. Remember you will be given all the support you will need.

2016 is a good year as everything is falling into place because you are not resisting the flow of the universe. You are allowing everything to unfold on its own without trying to control anything. You don’t need to decide and plan everything on your own. Give time and things will churn out well.

Although you do have a list of priorities for the year, love is your first concern and your romantic life is on fire! This year is all about you — what it is you want, whom you love, and what you look like. Be a good observer and absorb as much knowledge and information as you can. Don’t take hasty decision Discussions or arguments will prove costly

To know more about your Zodiac prediction and Tarot Card prediction, you can get touch with Khevna on her page – Khevna says that.

Cocktail Recipes By Aspri Spirits

December is a month of sheer merriment and exchange of presents. While Santa brings you surprises and a sense of relief that someone is looking over your deep hidden prayers and desires, we at Travel Coffee Vogue, are more concerned in making your new years and Christmas party extravagant without you putting in a lot of hard work or efforts.

Lights, decorations, candles, gifts and carols is what this festive season is all about. Marshmallows, champagnes, wines and cakes make up for most of the special dishes, and of course drinks when we have guests to be entertained.
But today, we have something unique for you, something extraordinary and something different yet special. Cocktails, as we all know they are everyone’s all-time favourite but they soon could go mind-numbing if not given any variation.

Aspri Spirits shares the most tasty and festive holiday cocktail and drink recipes to spice up your party and get-togethers.

1) Drive Me Crazy 


1 fresh passion fruit
20ml vanilla syrup
10ml lime juice
30ml Rum
60ml Freixenet cava Cordon Negro Brut




step 1: Shake all ingredients except FREIXENET during 10 seconds.
step2: Serve the cocktail in a Martini glass.
step 3: Add Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut and gently stir to get a perfect mixture.
step 4: Garnish the cocktail.

2) Musk Melon Cooler


60ml elit™ by Stolichnaya®

4 chunks of musk melon

30ml simple syrup

10ml fresh lime juice



step 1: Muddle the musk melon in the bottom of a shaker.
step 2: Add the remaining ingredients and shake well, then strain into a chilled martini glass.
step 3: Garnish with a lime wheel.

3) Patron Silver Spice 



45ml Patrón Silver

45ml freshly squeezed pinkgrapefruit juice

1 inch whole chili

15ml simple syrup

10ML LIME juice

5ml agave syrup

1 whole chili for garnish



step 1: Lightly crush chili in a Boston.
step 2: shaker with a spoon, add rest of ingredients, shake with ice, and pour over ice in highball glass.
step 3: Garnish with whole chili.

4) Blinker


45ml CAMUS VSOP Elegance Cognac

30ml grapefruit juice

10ml fresh lime juice

5ml sugar syrup

Fresh raspberries



step 1: Put 6-8 fresh raspberries or 30ml raspberry puree in a caipirinha glass.
step 2: then add the grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice and finally the sugar syrup.
step 3: Muddle all the ingredients, fill the glass with crushed ice and pour the Cognac over it.
step 4: Mix with a spoon or swizzle stick and top up with crushed ice.
Serve with straws.

5)Dom Pedro 


90ML Amarula

150ML Vanilla Ice-Cream

25ML Thick Cream

Amarula Dom Pedro



Step 1: Combine all the ingredients in a blender/shaker, Blend well.

Step 2: Pour into a glass.

Step 3: Garnish with chocolate poder or spun chocolate .

6)Campari Orange Passion 


30ML Campari

2 Slices Orange

1 Teaspoon Brown Sugar

90ML Light Orange Juice

Some Crushed Ice

Campari Orange Passion


Step 1: Prepare the drink in a tall glass.

Step2: Place orange and brown sugar in the glass and crush to a pulp.

Step 3: Add crushed ice.

Step 4: Add Campari and Organge Juice, and gently stir.

Step5: Garnish with a red cherry.




Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Review

In the world of IOS and Anoroid, where maximum market share is in the hands of these two companies, it is not only difficult but also a next to impossible task to give them an equal competition.




Taiwanese smartphone maker Asus has tried, and it’s good to know that it has succeeded to a great extent. Zenfone is one creation of ASUS that has impressed me with its unique and quality features. Along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 5.5-inch HD(1280 x 720p) display with Gorilla Glass 4 protection. It has  13MP rear camera with laser Auto Focus for 0.3 second focus time and dual-LED flash. It has a 5MP front-facing camera for selfies and packs a 3,000mAh battery.


ZE550KL_AG06_WIt is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor with 2GB and 3GB RAM options and 16GB internal storage expandable up to 128GB via microSD card. This phone has a metal body with fine curved ends. Dual sim, dual microphones with noise deduction and zero noise talk technology is so appealing.

ZE550KL_AG01_RLock screen button on the top, home screen button with a double tap similar to apple phones. Also, the phone doesn’t lag much.I’d strongly advice you all to consider this phone if you’re planning to buy budget friendly  android. It runs the latest version of 5.0.2 lollipop with a new version of As bus ZenUI — which has a fully-customizable interface. So, what are you thinking? Go to your nearest stores and try this pocket friendly android phone right away!

SRk & Sandi

Shahrukh Khan’s biggest and craziest fan Sandi Mann shares her story ‘SRK & Sandi’. She has met Shahrukh a few times. One of the meetings involved spontaneous flying to Mumbai just to meet SRK. Sandi has also had articles written about her in the press several times, and her name is mentioned in Mushtaq’s book on SRK, and in Anupama Chopra’s book on SRK.

29 June 2003 MHN set
29 June 2003 MHN set

I’m a *Senior Teenager* of Indeterminate Vintage, Australian born & bred, who discovered Shah Rukh when I was living in The United Arab Emirates. The first SRK movie I saw on TV was Koyla, just bits of it, then KKHH was on TV. I thought no way will I watch a whole 3 hour movie with no subs (actually it was subbed in Arabic) so I’ll just watch a bit to see what all the fuss is about this guy. I watched 15 mins, then thought…just another 15 mins, etc, etc to the end!  I’d known about him for probably 7 years at that stage, cos I saw his film clips on MTV Asia, but I didn’t want to get sucked in to all the hype about him. So, I wasn’t one of those who fell in love with him immediately. He just seeped gradually into my consciousness and eventually, I just couldn’t resist any longer. (I’m only human!)

I went out & bought 7 videos at the same time…DVDs weren’t even out then. Most of them didn’t have subtitles, but eventually I bought everything available, then DVDs came out & I bought them all over again.  I became well-known in Dubai as the white girl who loved SRK.


I first met SRK at a Press Conference in Dubai for about 2 minutes in 2001, but I think that paved the way for me to meet him again on the set of MHN in 2003.


I started and ran about 7 Yahoo SRK groups, and was a *Power User* with the biggest & most active SRK group on Yahoo… one year I chose several members and bestowed *The Order of Sharu’s Angels* (OSA) on them and bought them each an 18 carat bracelet.

My first SRK movie in cinema was 1,2 Ka 4…Eventually, the cinema manager realised what a big fan of SRK I was, & he gave me posters etc, and once a free ticket to see Asoka, cos I’d been to see it 12 times. He also let me & my husband into the cinema for free just for the interval so we could see the trailer of Devdas. then we walked out again.  I never watch any Bollywood movies unless SRK is in them, cos I miss him too much and keep looking out for him.


Probably the craziest thing I’ve done was asking my boss could I have the day off to go to FDFS of Devdas…everyone at work high-fived me for risking my job to ask to go to a movie. (I worked with a few Indians)


Another kind of crazy thing I did was to take off to India on the mere chance that I might meet SRK.  I had 5 days off from work and my husband was working offshore & I didn’t tell him till he got back. By the end of my first day in Mumbai, I thought it wouldn’t happen – went to Mannat but no luck.  Tried again on Sunday and was told SRK was not home.  My driver said *we’re quite close to Mehboob studios, do you want to go there & see who’s there?*  So we did and to my amazement, Farah (& SRK later)  was filming and my driver knew the driver of someone official, so my driver and I were allowed to go on the set.  I was certainly not expecting that!  I was told that Farah was shooting a song (for some other movie) but to my delight, found she was actually directing MHN.  She made me welcome, made sure I had lunch with the crew, and let me know when SRK arrived. (5 hours later!)  The rest is history! Haha


Shah’s first words to me, after his enthusiastic greeting, was *have you eaten?* he was very sweet and told me to come back anytime as they would be there for another 5 days.  Sadly, I had to be back at work, and have regretted it ever since that I didn’t go back to see SRK again.


SRK gave me his email address & I still email him occasionally, though he’s never answered yet! He mentioned me in his Press Conference for his 44th birthday. Oh yes, I forgot, I had a star named after him in the Scorpios constellation, and I also bought him a block of land on the moon…

29 June 2003 MHN set

Then 10 year later, on 6th October 2013, I spent time with him in Sydney the night before his concert.  He remembered me and said I was his special fan as I was the first non-desi fan he met.  Coincidentally, both times I’ve spent significant time with SRK, it’s been on a Sunday.

I’ve seen SRK in concert 4 times (counting the Zee awards in Dubai in 2004)  I’ve really had to go out of my comfort zone (as I’m really shy) for SRK… I flew internationally thrice which was challenging for me, just to see him in concert and in person.


As I always wore an SRK t-shirt when I went out, I’ve had some interesting experiences.  I made t-shirts for each new movie and wore them FDFS.  This resulted in being interviewed on (Indian) Radio Brisvaani, and I got to pick all the music for the one hour show.  (all SRK songs ofcourse)  I’ve also had articles written about me in the press several times, and mentioned in Mushtaq’s book on SRK, and in Anupama Chopra’s book on SRK.

Oct 6, 2013 Sydney

I’ve been a fan now for 15 years and the things I’ve done for SRK are too many to mention (if I could even remember them all!)


So, apart from that, I did all the things every SRK fan does…HOWZAT? just your average SRK fan, you think?


Pix attached:  on set of Main Hoon Na, 29 June 2003; 2 pix on 6th October 2013 in Sydney, the night before his Temptation Reloaded concert; and me at Zee Cine awards in Dubai 2004. (I flew 15 hours each way just for that, but was unable to meet up with him then)



My message to SRK for Dilwale:
Many of your biggest hit movie titles have started with the letter *D* … my loving wish is that Dilwale will be bigger than all of them combined… God bless!




Eat better and feel better with Built2Cook

We live in a country which follows multi traditions and people out here are unwilling to be flexible when it comes to abide by these traditions. One of the main necessities, for every woman, of every tradition in this diverse culture is to cook healthy and quick food for their families. But as we all know the current and the future generation to come is highly ambitious which makes their schedules busy and tiring. It often becomes a frictional discussion when we don’t match up to the expectations of elders in such matters because health should be a priority and there is no argument to that.

Be it a working wife, a home alone child, a young man who doesn’t know how to cook or an old lady who doesn’t have the energy to cook; built2cook has made everyone’s work easier, healthier and tastier.


Well I rather say it has definitely made my life quite easy. Built2cook is a ready to cook pack with as many varieties of cuisines as you can think of, with chopped vegetable, exact quantity of spices and sauces required are provided in the pack. The most convenient way of enjoying home-made food with a 5 star chef touch in minimum time consumption.

Built2Cook Box

I ordered Paneer Makhani and the other day Pan Served Basa. A doorbell in 90 minutes after i placed an order brought happiness and convenience. My most desired cuisine was ready to serve in about 20 minutes. And trust me the taste of the food was exactly same as you have it in a five star restaurants; it was tasty and healthy.

FullSizeRender (8)Built2cook gives us an opportunity to explore from 12 dishes as they are available on a rotational basis every week which means that the menu changes every week. Each product has a shelf life of only 24 hours because there are no added preservatives.

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (7)

So, you see? You don’t only get to have all those flawless cuisines but also get to explore new ones every week. All you need, after your order has arrived, is a pan and a spatula. Your dish will surpass all those you’ve tried and put in your best of efforts and precious time after an exhausting day at work.
Perfectly packed, measured and healthy food is just a click away.

So what are you waiting for?? Go visit Built2cook and order your healthy food.

Rating : 3.5/5