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We live in a country which follows multi traditions and people out here are unwilling to be flexible when it comes to abide by these traditions. One of the main necessities, for every woman, of every tradition in this diverse culture is to cook healthy and quick food for their families. But as we all know the current and the future generation to come is highly ambitious which makes their schedules busy and tiring. It often becomes a frictional discussion when we don’t match up to the expectations of elders in such matters because health should be a priority and there is no argument to that.

Be it a working wife, a home alone child, a young man who doesn’t know how to cook or an old lady who doesn’t have the energy to cook; built2cook has made everyone’s work easier, healthier and tastier.


Well I rather say it has definitely made my life quite easy. Built2cook is a ready to cook pack with as many varieties of cuisines as you can think of, with chopped vegetable, exact quantity of spices and sauces required are provided in the pack. The most convenient way of enjoying home-made food with a 5 star chef touch in minimum time consumption.

Built2Cook Box

I ordered Paneer Makhani and the other day Pan Served Basa. A doorbell in 90 minutes after i placed an order brought happiness and convenience. My most desired cuisine was ready to serve in about 20 minutes. And trust me the taste of the food was exactly same as you have it in a five star restaurants; it was tasty and healthy.

FullSizeRender (8)Built2cook gives us an opportunity to explore from 12 dishes as they are available on a rotational basis every week which means that the menu changes every week. Each product has a shelf life of only 24 hours because there are no added preservatives.

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So, you see? You don’t only get to have all those flawless cuisines but also get to explore new ones every week. All you need, after your order has arrived, is a pan and a spatula. Your dish will surpass all those you’ve tried and put in your best of efforts and precious time after an exhausting day at work.
Perfectly packed, measured and healthy food is just a click away.

So what are you waiting for?? Go visit Built2cook and order your healthy food.

Rating : 3.5/5



Gourvi Srivastava
Gourvi Srivastava

On this auspicious day when the good conquers over the evil and to celebrate this we distribute sweets as the most pious gift, I bring you a recipe as the easiest way to bring smiles on the faces of your family members and guests for the day.

Obviously, all of us want to present the best looking and mouth-watering sweets to everyone who visit us during the festive season but we cannot deny the fact that the best sweets presented are the ones made with the purest feeling of love and purest ingredients, which most of the shops don’t provide these days.

Thus, an input of efforts for as less as half an hour can bring such everlasting smiles of contentment on your face. So, all mothers reading this, I suggest you all to try this because I promise my mother got the best of compliments from everyone who tasted this.

Happy and safe Diwali to all of you 🙂




Gram flour (Besan) – 1 bowl

Sugar – 2 ½ bowls

Pure cow ghee – 2 ½-3 bowls


Step 1: Heat the pan and add 1 bowl of water. Pour sugar in the heating pan and wait till it becomes a thick liquid. This thick liquid is sugar syrup.

Step2: In the gram flour bowl add water enough to soak it up and make a thick mixture out of it.

Step3: Pour the mixture in the sugar syrup and stir it well to avoid formation of lumps. This mixture is called the batter.

Step4: In another heating pan add 1 bowl of ghee and pour the batter. Keep adding the remaining amount of ghee gradually mixing it well to avoid lumps.

Step5: Take a flat big plate and grease it with a few drops of ghee so that the batter doesn’t stick to it. Pour the batter on the plate and spread it evenly throughout the plate.

Step6: After it dries (becomes hard), cut it into pieces.

Taadaa MYSORE PAAK is ready!!

Foodgasm Level Infinity with Feast in a Tray!!

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him. The people who give you their food,give you their heart. So true!! But in today’s fast paced life, where we spend most of our time in offices, with so little spare time left, going to someone else’s house goes totally out of option. But sharing food? Definitely not. Inspite of being in the office ,having a busy schedule and no time to get home made food , you can still make this possible. Confused? Let me tell you how this can be made possible.


Feast in a tray, a food delivering service gives you option of choosing between the veg and  non veg food and delivers a variety of amazingly delicious food everyday at your workplace. And it’s all even the more fun when you can share it with your colleagues too, who will just not be able to stop themselves from licking and eating up their own fingers once they taste the food.  So if you are a foodie and miss having homemade food at your workplace, you should definitely give feast in a tray a try.

Travel Coffee Vogue gives Feast in a tray a full thumbs up!!